Direct Deposit Program

Help employees minimize the cost of accessing their money while your business saves time, money and resources. For employees, a paper check may mean being at the mercy of high-fee check cashing services; prepaid cards offer a cost-effective solution to money management for employees.

With Capital Prepaid Services' prepaid cards, on payday, employees may choose to have their pay loaded to a prepaid card without having to leave the office to cash their paycheck. This is convenient for companies that have a geographically distributed workforce and want to eliminate the hassle of mailing paychecks. Increasingly, businesses are paying employees who choose not to maintain a bank account with a prepaid card. Prepaid cards do not require a credit check or a bank account, as they are prefunded.

For businesses, reloadable prepaid cards offer a cost-effective alternative to issuing paper checks, which helps employers achieve high employee direct deposit participation — maximizing your cost savings.

Capital Prepaid Services has partnered with Banks to provide a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Visa® Prepaid Card that enables you to:

Who Would Benefit from Prepaid Cards?

Benefits for the Employer:

Benefits for the Employee:

What Capital Prepaid Services Does for you:


We provide a turnkey system that includes all card and transaction processing along with employee customer support.

Additionally, we provide the following:

  • Employee educational and enrollment packets
  • Employer Training
  • Instant Issue Cards

What's Your Role in This Relationship?

  • You make the BlazePays Visa Prepaid Card educational and enrollment packets available to current and new employees
  • Assist employees in completing application
  • Assure your employees you cannot see their transactions and that their funds are FDIC-Insured

The Process to Offer Prepaid Cards to Your Employees:

  1. 1Schedule a meeting with one of our account executives to review the program
  2. 2Mutual signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  3. 3Mutual Due Diligence
  4. 4Sign Marketing Agreement
  5. 5Establish Implementation Timelines
  6. 6Setup Program
  7. 7Distribute Education and Enrollment Packets to Employees

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