General Purpose Reloadable

It's a checkless checking account

Capital Prepaid Services has partnered with Banks to provide a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) BlazePays Visa Prepaid Card


Who Would Benefit from a BlazePays Visa Prepaid Card

People who don't have or want a traditional checking account (UNDER-BANKED)

  • People looking for an alternative to cash checking providers or payday lending
  • People who think they can't afford a checking account
  • People getting government benefits

People who have a traditional checking account who want a creative way to solve certain problems (MASS BANKED)

  • Parents who want to give their teen or college students an allowance
  • People who want to protect the money in their checking account and want a special card for travel, leisure and online shopping

Baby Boomers who manage finances for their parents

Adds convenience for employers who have a geographically distributed workforce by eliminating the hassle of mailing checks

  • Eliminates time and expense of writing paper checks
    • No more stop payments
    • No more mailing checks
  • Provides an environmentally sensitive pay solution

BlazePays Visa Prepaid Card Features

Consumers get the convenience and protection of a Visa debit card with: